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The updated version 2.0 of the PS3 Emulator is here, with a few minor fixes from previous versions including fixing of frame rate drops at higher resolution, a crash fix relating to sound settings and lag that was experienced after prolonged game play. Memory usage is more efficient now which cancelled out the lag and lower frame rate issues too.




PSX Emulator – What you should know About PlayStation 3


A ps emulator is basically an amazing device. It plays home grown video games and demos on the PS3, without you actually investing in the process itself. PS3 emulation is ever growing a lot more and even much more widely used on a daily basis, this could in fact rather quite understandable why with a PS3 emulators for pc you could perhaps save for yourself the expenses of having to invest in the system, but notwithstanding, you might take pleasure from the entertainment and thrill derived from the PS3 games on pc.


There are actually a couple of significant things to remember here however, the first is that the emulator is the first of its kind but today, there are updates and other version has been launched . You should look out for these updates and update your Playstation 3 emulator as applicable.


Another important fact pertaining to the PS3 emulator for pc is the distinctive features of this emulator from its predecessors. It provides unified online gaming support called the PlayStation Network. You will notice as well, the robust multimedia functionality provided by this emulator, also it utilizes Blu-ray Disc as its main storage medium.


The updates to this Playstation x emulator may very well be downloaded from the PlayStation Network directly, which guarantees you that you are not engaging in any illegal thing. The most recently released version on the software was launched last winter season , not to mention, new updates is without doubt will be released in the future .


There are various forums and discussion websites which are based around the Playstation emulator pc, and which you can possibly visit any time you want more details or want questions answered relating to this device. These valuable resources are of great benefit since you can come across the details right on your personal computer rather than getting to head out anywhere to look for it.


It is actually not surprising as to why the PS3 is undoubtedly a widely known system, even though there are other versions available in the market today. The release of PS4 did not make the difference to this. Majority of people believe that there is certainly going to be a comparable release within the next couple of years, the PS3 will undeniably sustain its reputation and ranking in the world of game. The PSX emulator only will improve its reputation even further.


There has been series of updates by the developers of this device ever since. The emulation experiences low frame rate , in the single-digits despite having 8-core PCs , still the developers have been working to lower the bugs present and they have enabled a lot more games to load the title screen and intro .The emulator functions very little in way of optimization’s , but a PPU re-compiler was developed to assist in the speed problem .By late 2015 and the addition of a DX12 back-end, RPCS3 was capable of emulating some 3d games like Dragon Ball Z or After Burner Climax : Burst Limit at around 30 frame per second . RPCS3 features a rapid release model, posting weekly builds to their front page.

Here is a video of the Playstation 3 Emulator (PS3 Emulator) in action:



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